Error 5004 in Zoom

In Zoom, error 5004 appears, as a rule, when starting the program, during the organization of a conference, or when connecting. As a result, it becomes simply impossible to use Zoom. How to proceed in the described situation? We have prepared the most effective methods that should help.

The solution to the problem

First, we recommend that you restart your computer. if it doesn’t work, there are several effective solutions:

  • Reset browser settings.
  • Disable various blocking programs.
  • Reinstalling Zoom on your computer.

Let’s dwell on each in a little more detail.

Restore browser settings

To connect to the Internet, Zoom uses the Internet Explorer preinstalled on your computer (does not apply to Windows 10). And if it does not work correctly, then nothing will connect. But there is a simple way out – to reset the parameters to the factory settings.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open Internet Explorer from the Start menu.
  2. Click on Alt key on your keyboard to bring up the toolbar at the top.
  3. Now expand the «Tools» item.
  4. Click on the «Internet options» column.Internet options in Internet Explorer
  5. Proceed to the «Advanced» section.
  6. Click on the «Reset…» button.Reset Internet Explorer settings
  7. Confirm the procedure.

Disabling special programs

Antiviruses and other software that affects the Internet connection can block Zoom. This applies to VPN services, various network firewalls, optimizers, and other programs. So, we strongly recommend turning them off for a while. Most likely, the connection issue will be resolved. In the future, it’s worth adding Zoom to the list of exceptions.Antivirus image

Full reinstall

Well, the final reason for the incorrect operation of the program is damage to its files. There is only one solution here – reinstallation. The procedure is carried out in two simple steps:

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