How to change your name in Zoom

When registering an account in Zoom, you need to enter your name. It will be visible to other users of the platform. But in the future, the profile data can be edited, for example, if the surname was entered incorrectly or for some other reason. You just need to understand how to change the name in Zoom.


Editing profile data is most conveniently realized in the mobile application for Android and iOS. But in a PC program, it is somewhat limited, so you have to go to the website.

Computers and Laptops

In the Zoom client on a computer, this feature is present only during a meeting. The data from the profile cannot be edited, you need to go to the official website. Let’s take a look at both instructions.

The procedure for changing the nickname in the meeting:

  1. Connect to a video meeting in any convenient way.
  2. Click on the «Participants» button on the bottom panel.Participants button in meeting on PC
  3. Hover the cursor over the column with you in a new window.
  4. Click on «More».More button in participants meeting window
  5. Select the «Rename» option from the context menu.
  6. Enter a new screen name and click «OK».Change name in meeting on PC

You can do this not only for yourself but also for other participants.

You can only rename yourself entirely through the website:

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Sign in to your own account.Sign in button on Zoom official page
  3. Open the «Profile» tab in the «Personal» section.
  4. Click the «Edit» button on the right side of the page.Edit profile on official site
  5. Enter the new first and last name in the text fields.
  6. You can also change «Display Name».
  7. Click on «Save Changes».Save profile changes on official site

Smartphones and Tablets

In the mobile application, changing user data is much more convenient. We bring to your attention step-by-step instructions:

  1. Launch Zoom on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap on the «Settings» item, which can be found on the bottom panel.
  3. Click on the top column.Opening profile in mobile app
  4. It will open the «My Profiles» page. Tap on the option «Display…».
  5. Rename yourself and tap«OK».Change name in mobile app settings
  6. Close the settings page.

It will also be possible to change your or someone else’s name during the meeting:

  1. Tap on the item «Participants» on the bottom panel of the screen.Participants button in meeting in mobile app
  2. Tap on the column with your profile in the general list.
  3. Select the «Rename» option.Rename option in meeting in mobile app
  4. Make changes and apply them by tapping on the «OK» button.
  5. Close the page you no longer need.
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