How to enable push-to-talk in Zoom

Voice communication in the course of a video conference Zoom is very convenient. But it has one drawback: other people may hear something unnecessary if you do not cover or turn off the microphone in time. The result is an incidental situation and an ambiguous reaction. To avoid something like this, you should figure out how to enable push-to-talk in Zoom.

Program setting

Since this function is really important, it is quite easy to get to it:

  1. Run the program on a computer or laptop.
  2. Click on the profile thumbnail, which is located near the «Search» area
  3. The main menu appears. In it, open the «Settings» item.Settings in Zoom main menu
  4. Proceed to the «Audio» tab.
  5. Activate the «Press and hold…» option if it is disabled.Press and hold option in Zoom audio settings

This instruction is only suitable for users that are logged into a Zoom account. But you can go to the settings in another way, without the need for authorization:

  • In Windows, open the system tray, right-click on the blue program icon and select the appropriate item:Zoom settings in Windows Tray
  • On Linux and Mac OS, join any conference and then click on the marked buttons: Audio Settings in Zoom meeting

This function works as follows:

  1. When connecting to a conference, the microphone must be muted. This will be done in the lower-left corner by clicking on the corresponding icon. As a result, the icon will become crossed out:Muted mic in Zoom Meeting on PC
  2. When you want to say something, hold down on the keyboard Space, say the phrase, and release the key.
  3. Repeat the second step as you communicate.

Each time a «Temporarily unmuted» alert will appear at the bottom of the screen.Temporary unmuted alertAt this time, the interlocutors will hear you.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the microphone activation button from the Space key to something else. This feature is not provided in the Zoom settings. But it has something different, or rather, a hotkey combination Alt + A (for Mac OS – Command(⌘) + Shift + A. It completely turns off your sound, and when it is turned off, turns it back on.

This combination always works, but only when the program window is open. You can make it work on top of any windows. For this:

  1. Follow the instructions above to visit the Settings page.
  2. Go to the «Keyboard Shortcuts» section.
  3. Find the item «Mute/unmute My Audio».
  4. Check the box on the right.Mute-unmute My Audio Shortcut
  5. Close Zoom options.

And to return everything back, on the same settings page, click on the «Restore Defaults» button.

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