How to rotate the camera in Zoom

Users can easily turn on and off video in Zoom meeting. But if he does not configure everything in advance, then the picture may be distorted, for example, rotated or mirrored. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix. You just need to figure out how to rotate the camera in Zoom.


With this problem you don’t need to leave the meeting, it is enough to change the program settings. You will get to the parameters page as follows:

  1. In the lower-left corner, find the webcam icon, and next to it the arrow icon.
  2. Click on it to bring up the control menu.Audio Settings in Zoom meeting
  3. In it, click on the «Video» tab.

We are interested in two elements in this window:

  • The marked icon in the right top corner. It rotates the image by 90 degrees.
  • Option «Mirror my video».

Rotate and flip cameraWith their help, you can adjust the picture so that it is displayed correctly.

There is no such option in the mobile application, but in it you can change the view from the front camera (front) to the rear one. To do this, go to the main meeting window, tap on the screen to bring up the controls, and tap on the highlighted icon at the top of the screen:Switch camera icon in mobile app

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