Zoom Error 1012

The «Installing Zoom requires TLS» 1012 error appears during the installation of the program on a computer or laptop with a Windows operating system, or during a connection. As a result, the procedure is interrupted. The situation is very unpleasant, especially when soon you need to participate in a video conference or organize it yourself. How to proceed? Let’s figure it out this question.



The error message looks something like this:Zoom error 1012

As a rule, it appears when using Windows 7 and older OS versions from Microsoft, although exceptions are possible. And the failure is caused by the fact that the latest updates to Zoom require the TLS connection protocol. So, by default, it can be disabled in the settings of the Internet Explorer browser, which is used by Zoom to access the Internet.

Let’s try to manually activate this parameter:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Start Internet Explorer from the list of all programs.
  3. With the program window active on the keyboard, press the key Alt.
  4. A new panel will appear at the very top. From there, open the «Tools» menu.
  5. Click on the inscription «Internet options».Internet options in Internet Explorer
  6. Next, visit the tab called «Advanced».
  7. Enable the «Use TSL 1.1» and «Use TSL 1.2» options.
  8. Click on the «Apply» and «OK» buttons one by one.Activating TSL options in Internet Explorer
  9. Close your internet browser.


Our proposed solution to fix error 1012 in Zoom is considered the most effective. Well, if for some reason it did not work, then reset IE settings. For this:

  1. Open the «Internet options» window again.
  2. Also, visit the «Advanced» tab.
  3. But this time click on the «Reset…» button.Reset Internet Explorer settings
  4. In the new form, confirm the completion of the procedure.
  5. Wait for the ending.
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