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The laptop is great for online communication, such as video conferencing in Zoom. The webcam, microphone, and speakers are already built into it, which means that everyone will see and hear everyone. The program is simple to install and configure. But here users may have difficulties. Let’s figure out how to download Zoom for free on a laptop and connect to meetings.

Detailed information

The developers of this platform release not only an application for smartphones and tablets but also a program for a PC. It is available for Windows systems, and for MacBooks from Apple, and even for various laptops with Linux distributions.

In terms of its capabilities and interface, each of the versions is almost identical. But the installation itself is different for them due to the specifics of operating systems.

For this reason, we have prepared 3 separate guides. They will be taken apart first. And then – general instructions on how to join the conference, setting up sound and video, as well as other nuances of use.

At the very bottom of the article, there is a link to download Zoom.

Instruction №1: Windows

On laptops running Windows that the installation process is the easiest. Follow these steps:

  1. Use this link to go download page of the program.
  2. Once it opens, click on the marked button:Download Zoom from official site
  3. Save installation file ZoomInstaller.exe and then run it.

The installation will be completed automatically, after a few seconds. No additional actions from the user are required. Zoom will open after it. In the future, the program will be opened using a new shortcut on the desktop. It will also appear in the Start menu.

The procedure for downloading the program Zoom to a laptop is as simple as possible.

Instruction №2: macOS

But on MacBooks, the installation will take more steps, but it’s still pretty straightforward. Follow the suggested algorithm to not get confused:

  1. As in the previous case, visit the Zoom download page.
  2. Click on the top download button.Download Zoom for Mac from official site
  3. Save the Zoom.pkg file.
  4. Open it to start the procedure.
  5. Click on the «Continue» button in the new window.Continue button in Zoom installation window
  6. Choose user in the next window.
  7. Use the «Install» button to continue.Install button in Zoom installation window
  8. When prompted, enter the password for the account and start the procedure.
  9. And at the end, close this window.
During the installation, sometimes it becomes possible to select a different folder for the program. But it’s better to leave the standard option anyway.

The first time Zoom will open automatically, and in the future, it can be done from the general list of programs and applications.

Instruction №3: Various Linux Distributions

The most common laptops are based on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and similar distributions with a graphical interface. In them, the installation procedure for Zoom is quite simple. In Terminal, run the command sudo apt install gdebi.

gdebi installing command in Ubuntu

It is needed to download the Gdebi unpacker if it is not initially present in the system.

Next, in the provided web browser, open the link https://zoom.us/download?os=linux. On the new page, select your build of the system and its versions. Then click on the Download button and save the installation package.

Download Zoom for Ubuntu

Open it with an unpacker and run the procedure.

Install Zoom for Ubuntu

When executing a command in the Terminal, you will most likely be asked for the root user password. The same applies to the last stage of the installation.

How to use

If you just need to join a meeting, own Zoom account not necessary. Registration is required for:

  • Organizing your own meeting.
  • Getting additional features (scheduler, contact list, etc.).
  • Switching to a paid subscription.
  • Etc.

You can find the process of creating an account in our article.

Well, here we will analyze the connection to an existing video conference. There are two ways to do this:

  • Open a link with an invitation and agree with the launching program.
  • Directly in Zoom, click on the blue button, fill in the column with the identifier, and display name. Join a meeting, and in another form – a password.

In both cases, you will have to wait for permission to connect, if this function has not been disabled in the settings by the admin.

When you first participate in a conference, it makes sense to set up audio and video. Algorithm of actions:

  1. Click on the highlighted buttons to go to the parameters page:Audio Settings in Zoom meeting
  2. Make sure the microphone and speaker are working. To do this, use the «Test…» button.
  3. If something is too loud or quiet, then adjust the volume levels.
  4. From the left menu, visit the «Video» section.
  5. Adjust the settings for the laptop’s built-in webcam. To improve its quality, check «HD» mode.HD mode in settings

It will be useful to review the contents of the «Keyboard Shortcuts» section. Convenient combinations for managing the conference are indicated there. For instance, Alt + A allows you to quickly turn off and then return the microphone. This will be very useful in some cases.Keyboard Shortcuts settings

Download Zoom for laptop

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