Zoom for mobile phone

Zoom app is very convenient to use on mobile devices because you can organize and join meetings from anywhere with mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the smartphone already has a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone. To start communicating, you just need to install application from the market. Let’s figure out how to download Zoom for free on your phone in English.

Step-by-step instruction

At the moment, most popular smartphones are working on Android and iOS. And for both platforms instruction for installing the Zoom app is slightly different. So we’ll go over both options in turn.

And at the end of the article, we will consider the nuances of using the mobile app (registration, joining the meetings, etc).

Instruction №1: Android smartphones

The installation procedure for mobile devices with Android looks like this:

  1. Launch the Google Play store. Its icon is easy to find on the desktop or in the menu of all applications.
  2. Activate the search form located at the top by tapping on it.Search form in Google Play
  3. As a result, a virtual keyboard will appear. Use it to type Zoom into the text box.
  4. Check out the results page. The application you need will be there.
  5. Top on the «Install» button next to its name.Install Zoom in Google Play
  6. Give the required permissions if the system asks for them.
  7. Wait for the download process to finish.

You can also install Zoom on your phone, bypassing the Play Store, via the apk-file. This method is extremely useful if your mobile device does not have an app store from Google.

Detailed information on it is presented in a separate article. Scroll down to the «Instruction №2: APK-file» section.

Download Zoom for Android

Instruction №2: iPhone

On iPhone, the main source of mobile apps is «App Store». Find its icon on the desktop of the device and tap on it. Next, go to the «Search» tab at the bottom of the screen.Search tab in App StoreActivate the text box. Type into it app name «Zoom». To confirm on the virtual keyboard, press the «Find» icon. The results list page will load shortly. The required application will be visible at the very top. Start downloading it and confirm the procedure.

It is likely that the system will ask you for your Apple ID password to continue. Type it into the appropriate field and click on the continue button.

Download Zoom for iOS

Nuances of use

Now you know how to download the Zoom video conferencing app for Android and iOS for free. It’s time to move on to using it. And the key point is connecting to various meetings. To do this, the user does not even need to create an account on the Zoom platform.

There are two ways to enter an online meeting:

  1. Open the received invitation link in a browser, agree to launch the Zoom application, and enter your name.
  2. In the main window, tap on «Join a Meeting», enter the Meeting ID and your name. And on the next page type password, if it enabled by the organizer.Join a Meeting button

But creating an online meeting will be available only after registering in Zoom. Then log in to your account and complete the setup. For this:

  1. Tap on the «Sign in» button.Sign in button
  2. Enter your email and password and confirm authorization.
  3. Close welcome messages.
  4. Go to the «Meetings» tab.
  5. Type on «Start» button.Start button in Meetings tab
  6. Confirm its launch.
  7. Set everything up and invite other members.
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