How to turn off a passcode in Zoom

When a user tries to join a Zoom video meeting with ID, the system requires to enter a special passcode. This step is necessary for connecting online conversations. Therefore, there is a question of how to turn off a passcode in Zoom conference and whether it is possible to do this in principle.


Previously, a very convenient setting was available in the program, with which it was possible to completely turn off the password for joining an online meeting. Now it remains only for users with a paid subscription. We will analyze it at the end of the article. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity on the free plan. But there is a handy workaround, which is to use an invite link.

Free account option

Participants can join the conference in two ways:

  • In the program itself, specify the meeting ID and password.
  • Open an invitation link from a host or participant.

In the second case, no password is required if the link was sent from a computer. And you can get it in just two clicks:Copy link from meeting info on PC

Option for a paid account

This option is not available directly in the created video meeting. First, you need to finish it. Now you can go to the settings and deactivate the corresponding option. This will be done in the program for computers and laptops, and in the mobile application for Android and Apple devices.

Moreover, for each platform, the procedure is slightly different. So we have dealt with both cases in separate chapters of the article. Go straight to the one you want.

PC manual

Run the program to access Zoom on your computer or laptop. Using the top toolbar, visit the «Meetings» tab. In the «Upcoming» section, click on the «Edit» button.Edit upcoming meeting in Zoom

And on the settings page that opens, disable the «Passcode». Check also the «Waiting Room» option. If it is active, then the user, when connecting to the conversation, must wait for permission from the organizer. In some cases, it is worth turning it off, but here it all depends on you. After all, click on the «Save» button.Deactivating meeting passcode and waiting room on PC

Manual for mobile devices

The application for Android and iOS has a slightly different algorithm of actions:

  1. Open the mobile version of Zoom on your device.
  2. Proceed to the «Meeting» tab by clicking on the appropriate item on the bottom panel.
  3. Tap on the «Edit» button.Edit meeting in mobile app
  4. On the new page, disable the «Require Meeting Passcode» slider. As a result, it should move to the left and light up gray.
  5. Tap «Save» to apply the settings.Turning off passcode on smartphone

Now start the meeting using the «Start» button.

There is also an option «Waiting Room», which we discussed in the previous section of the article. If you wish, disable it too, just do not forget to save the changes.
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